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Professional Foundation Application Techniques

Good skin health is an important aspect of an attractive personality. It is important to maintain good skin health. For good skin health, it is also important to use good skin products to avoid side effects. It may be a good idea to learn the professional foundation application techniques for optimum skin health. A foundation cream is a basic aspect of a full make up. Hence learning to wear it appropriately is very important for great looking skin. 

First it is important to select the most appropriate foundation cream. It should be based on the skin typedry or oily and skin tone. Several types of foundation creams are available in the market. It might be a good idea to get your skin assessed by a professional before selecting the foundation cream. Liquid Foundation with Sun Protection Factor is also available. This gives adequate protection against sun. However, you should avoid a liquid foundation if you don't want to look too flashy. This might make your skin glow more in photographs. Selecting a foundation cream or a liquid foundation is purely a matter of choice. 

Before applying foundation cream or liquid foundation, it is important to wash and clean your skin thoroughly. You can use a good facewash. Avoid exfoliating facewash if your skin is too sensitive. It is better if you exfoliate your skin the previous day. Dry your skin using a clean towel. You can now apply a high quality concealer. Select the concealer based on your skin tone. Ideally, this should be of a lower tone than your skin color. You can then apply the appropriate foundation cream or liquid foundation. It is best to use your fingertips. However, please ensure that your hand is cleaned with a hand sanitizer and dried few moments prior to the application of the cream. 

The next step is applying the foundation powder. This ensures that dust and other particles don't stick to your skin. You can even skip this step based on your preferences. You can use a clean brush or paper towel to spread the powder. It is very important to apply the right amount of foundation cream and foundation powder. Adequate hygiene and appropriate amount of cream and powder are the most important aspects of professional foundation application techniques. Learning to apply these appropriately comes with practice. You get better with practice. You can even help other apply their foundation cream and powder on special occasions. Healthy and radiant skin is an important aspect of a pleasant personality.

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